ZAPS Ant Granule (Ant Bait)
ZAPS Ant Granule (Ant Bait)
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ZAPS Ant Granule (Ant Bait)

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Active Ingredients: Hydromethylnon 1.0%

Package: 1g x 6units / 250g

Expiry date: 36 months after the manufacturing date

Usage: It may last for 3 months

How to Use:

  • Place the product in areas where ants appear frequently or near the ant nest. Replace bait every 3 months. Add more product if ant appearance is high or as needed.
  • Ants will queue to the product to get the granule. Do not touch nor change the position of the product. Decrease in the number of ants will be noticeable within a week.
  • Replace all containers with new products every 3 months to effectively exterminate ants.
  1. Cut line- cutting the guide
  2. Cut the top portion of the blister pack, following the cutting line guide
  3. Attached the product near the habitat using double-sided tape

Key Features:

  • The complete extermination of ant nest through chain insecticidal effect

-Worker ants bring the insecticide to their nests for storage

-The insecticidal effect kicks in after the queen ant and worker ants consume the stored insecticide (it has hydramethylnon content that ants are attracted to)

  • Granule ant insecticide

-The product contains our unique granule bait that is preferred by ants to easily entice 

the ants to carry them back to the nest

Key Benefits: 

  • Granular bait intended to attract Ants
  • Wipes out the entire ant colony including the Queen Ant
  • Easy to use
  • Last long; Low maintenance; Replace bait every 3 months
  • Effective for many kinds of ants