APC Back-UPS Pro BR1600SI
APC Back-UPS Pro BR1600SI
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APC Back-UPS Pro BR1600SI

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APC Back-UPS Pro provide battery backup and surge protection ideal for your home, home office or small business. The new Back-UPS Pro models are equipped with premium features including increased runtime and power capability for your critical electronics.


Power and Protect

1. Battery backup & surge protector outlets

  • Keep valuable devices running when the power is outside of safe levels

2. AVR with boost and trim

  • Instantly corrects low/high voltage fluctuations and is Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) compatible

3. 1Gb network protection

  • Safeguards your equipment and valuable files from “back door” surges traveling along data lines without sacrificing internet speed

4. User replaceable batteries

  • Allows you to quickly replace batteries

5. LCD interface

  • Quick and easy to read, provides information about the utility and UPS conditions

6. Powerchute personal edition

  • Easy-to-use auto-shutdown software with power and energy management features

7. 3-year warranty

  • Three-year limited warranty with a lifetime Equipment Protection Policy

8. Sinewave power output

  • Ensures power quality without distortion or power drop during an outage. Ideal for advanced workstations, high end PCs, multimedia devices and home storage

9. 2 USB charging ports (Type C + Type A)

  • Fast charge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets


How much runtime will the Back-UPS Pro provide?

152 mins.
Entry-level desktop PC
with 20” monitor + internet
modem and router

67 mins.
iMac computer + NAS
system + internet modem
and router

32 mins.
Gaming PC with 24” LCD
monitor + external
powered speakers +
internet modem and router

21 mins.
42” LCD television +
sound bar + internet
modem and router