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Introducing APC Easy UPS
Keep your home and home office powered and protected with APC™ by Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS.

Your critical devices and electronics affect your daily life.


Why do I need battery backup?

1. Protect From The Unexpected

  • Your home devices are sensitive to damage caused by power disturbances.
  • When power fluctuates outside expected levels, Easy UPS instantly provides clean battery power to your electronics.

2. Reliable Home Connection

  • With increased power capacity, Easy UPS gives you enough time to keep working and remain productive for hours and then safely shut down devices following an outage.


APC Easy UPS BVX Series Features

1. Form Factor:

  • Compact for home and home office spaces

2. Outlets

  • 2-5 battery backup with surge protection outlets

3. Functional ease-of-use

  • Front panel LED green lights to easily tell the functional status

4. Convenient Charging

  • Type-A USB Port for smart phone and tablet charging

5. 2-year-warranty

  • Two-year warranty repair or replace for peace of mind and protection from failure

6. Power Stabilization

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) preserves battery life and maximizes runtime by correcting low voltages without discharging the battery

Entry-level desktop PC with 20" LED, monitor + internet modem and router

 - 80 minutes


Delivery Time

3-4 days