Pancake House All-Meat Spaghetti Sauce

All-Meat Spaghetti Sauce

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Your classic favorite all-meat spaghetti sauce now ready to serve anywhere.

Pancake House All-Meat Spaghetti Sauce is a slightly brownish red-orange sauce with ground beef and ground pork. It has distinct spaghetti sauce flavor with slightly sweet and sour taste of tomato.

All-Meat Spaghetti Sauce is packed by 500 grams and properly sealed in a clean SUP Foil with sticker label. Delivered in frozen condition.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Thaw pack of frozen spaghetti sauce in refrigerator overnight.

2. Reheating in Sauce Pan over Burner:

3. Open pack of thawed spaghetti sauce and transfer contents in sauce pan.

4. Reheat for 5 minutes with occasional mixing to prevent burning.