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Our top and most requested learning programs, conducted by experts in their specific fields, delivered on-demand in a series of modules with downloadable Masterguides for an exclusive online audience.

A masterclass is a focused, self-paced, and holistic series of classes uploaded online by an experienced professional that focuses on a certain area of expertise. It is a new channel for the distribution of existing and emerging content.



The Masterclass on Leadership is an easily loveable product. Because of its set-up, one can watch a piece whenever there is a good time for reflection. For me, as a leader of an organisation, every chapter energises me to run my company better. As a fellow consultant, I congratulate to Anthony, he collects thought-material form the best with a careful pick, combines it with his personal experiences smoothly, delivers chapters with ease and passion, as such, he comes across as a credible and enjoyable presenter from whom to learn is sheer pleasure.

CEO, Human Telex Consulting in Budapest and President, European Training and Media Association

I love this masterclass! I have been to Anthony's LIVE sessions (pre-pandemic) and I must say that this masterclass is like the distilled wisdom he shares in his workshops and seminars. The beauty of taking this course is that it is simple, funny, enlightening and delivered in easy-to-digest bite-sizes (7 to 10 minutes per lesson) that instead of you wanting to sign-off, you are left wanting more!

CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker, a leading SEO company in the Philippines

Anthony is a (pun intended) MASTER storyteller. He fastidiously distills wisdom in an engaging manner and makes it easy for the learner to absorb the information. It is for this reason that this course is endered priceless and will indubitably grant you the keys to further success, both in your personal and professional arenas. And, yes, Anthony, in response to one of your opening points - you are still the benchmark in terms of excellence! Instead of you wanting to sign-off, you are left wanting more!

Meta-NLP Practitioner at International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner at Genos International

  • Masterclass on Leadership In A Time of Change
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