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For evolving presenters who are in need of a more professional ‘studio’ set-up at home, BusinessWorks’ Online Presentation Toolkit offers a five-equipment toolkit that supports the customer with better sound quality and control, proper lighting, plus: exclusive tips and tricks from a master presenter - because equipping yourself with the right set-up and practical guidelines for your online meetings and presentations will level-up your communication quality and confidence and as you face a virtual audience.

What is included in the Online Presentations Toolkit [OPT]?

  1. 1 set of Condenser Microphone with Mic Stand – Better sound quality; Offers high sensitivity and it is more suitable to capture sounds of vocals.
  2. 1 set of Ring Light with Phone Holder and Tripod – Lessens shadows and diffuses light evenly on the subject.
  3. 1 pc Soundcard – Gives you more control in the overall audio and an overall improvement in the basic sound outputted by your PC or laptop. Plus, it gives you different kinds of sound effects for a more effective way to interact with your live audience.
  4. 1 pc Bluetooth Speakers – The use of the speaker is to monitor your own sound while doing a livestream.
  5. 1 pc Wireless Mouse –  Using a wireless mouse allows you to work from where you are most comfortable
  • [ADD-ON] 1 pc Tablet – A great tool to see your own livestream as one of your live audience. You can see their comments and answer them right away!
  • 1 Instruction Manual – Your guide on setting up your very own OPT
  • 1 Knockout Online Presentation Skills Booklet – This contains 25 Tips and Tricks for a Knockout Online Presentation by Master Presenter Anthony Pangilinan




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