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TrainingOnline is BusinessWorks’ latest initiative to conduct our core training programs online through video conferencing tools and downloadable materials. This is available to individuals who are part of a larger group, corporations, and organizations who seek innovative ways to continuously lead and motivate their team towards maximum productivity.

1. Does my team have to be at the same place to go through this program? No, you just have to make sure that your team members have access to a stable internet connection and be on-board on our agreed-upon video conferencing platform.

2. How many participants are required per class? Ideal class size is 50 to 100 participants but we can accommodate up to 500 people maximum in a single online session.

3. Is this for free? No, customized and in-house TrainingOnline courses are paid courses. Please check on our free webinars offered on a regular basis.

4. Are the topics customizable? Yes, we make it a point to discuss and align the workshop's objectives with your team's needs. Our affiliated consultants also offer core programs with ready outlines which you can select for TrainingOnline (please refer to catalog below).

5. Are the programs below customizable? Yes, even though these are offered as ready-made outlines, we can always tailor it to your company's mission, vision, and values - as well as relate it with your team's current situation and internal challenges.

6. How will TrainingOnline be conducted? We use Zoom Video Conferencing Platform to conduct our online webinars and workshops, but we are open to your preferred platform if the session is exclusive to your company. It will be through a combination of lectures, videos, and downloadable materials for maximum learning!

Below are our core programs and topics, matched with corresponding consultants - which are easily available for TrainingOnline. We are also open to customize a session for you!

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  • The Purpose and The Process of Homeschooling by Teacher Felichi P. Buizon
    Anthony Pangilinan Group
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