Masterclass by BusinessWorks

Anthony teaches Leadership in a Time of Change

Everyone is talking about – and going through - Change. From business leaders to start-up funders, from key educators to government leaders, community influencers to parenting advocates, navigating through change is or primary concern. Beyond “navigating,’ however, is a call to inspire and equip people to make change happen, and happen for good. Whether it's for a thousand or one participant, a workshop series to both motivate and empower today's change agents.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional." - Dr. John Maxwell.

Engage with media practitioner and “Chief Disturber” Anthony, learning and reflecting on why and how to grow your influence in a time of great change. Anthony holds an Executive Master in Business Administration from Tsinghua University in Beijing and INSEAD Business School based in Fontainebleau. He also holds an Executive Master in Change degree from INSEAD in Singapore. A former world president of AIESEC International, a finisher of the 6-world marathon majors and a father of five, Anthony is, indeed, one lifelong learner in leading others, and yourself, amidst a changing and often chaotic environment.

What you will learn in Leadership in a Time of Change?

  • Every person is a leader ever since presence was established in the womb!
  • Growing one’s potential and deciding where one is going are daily decisions of an influencer
  • Traditional, and often, obligatory reasons and approaches to leading may no longer apply to today’s context!
  • Habits may be great servants but also the worst of masters!
  • The influence you get depends on your mindset.
  • The power, and the neglect, of transition in a time of change.
  • Influence growth is both an art and a skill.
  • The inevitable reality that change must start with you.